YDEES brings together 20 young from Portugal, France and Malta who are either excluded of the professional or educational system, or in a learning process, but who present challenges related to the integration in their institution, or developing their own business.  

Out of the formal training frame, these young people will make exchanges in order to develop their knowledge of digital tools. These 20 young people, who are in various learning processes, will create various project teams and will share mobilities that will enable them to consolidate their skills:

Techniques : Common experiment of specific softwares : The young Portuguese teach the young French and Maltese how to work in the television environment. The young French teach the young Portuguese and Maltese how to work on  visual and sound creations around artistic projects. The young Maltese share their experience of the digital and music as well as their experience of mobilities and the launching of one’s professional activity.  

Creatives: The youths create a video reportage for the Alto Minho television of Portugal. They create together in France a report for the Rocher de Palmer's e-magazine and for the regional television.

Entrepreneurial : after these experiences, the 20 young people are familiar with new skills, with the European labour market in the fields of cultural / creative industries and tourism, with all the European systems that foster mobility and business creation : EVS, Erasmus + young entrepreneurs, and all the young professionals and young artists mobility programmes.