The project

YDEES stands for Young Digital European Entrepreneur Spirit.

The digital skill is one of the 8 key skills spotted by the EU as essential in the lifelong training and education process. The mastering of the information technologies, in addition with a critical sense and a confident use of it, prepares people to the adult life and to the social and professional integration.  

Young people were born with digital tools. They grew up with it and developed skills linked to the sometimes intensive use they make of these tools that are constitutive of our « urban culture »: cell phones, game consoles, microcomputers, digital cameras, digital tablets, social networks.   These skills are not always recognized in the traditional educational system and in the traditional employment streams. Some young people who are dropping out of school or who face difficulties regarding their social and economic integration yet have true talents, knowledges and skills in the digital field. The YDEES project aims at revealing these skills and consolidate them in order to enhance and promote them on the European labour market or through the access to appropriate training programs.